Lonesome Dan Kase


As his name suggests, Lonesome Dan is an entity unto himself when he steps on the stage. With a flurry of notes and dexterity on the guitar he broadcasts a confident individual blues style that proudly displays the hours of practice he spends on his craft. With a “country style” blues running thick through his music you’ll be able to hear clearly the influences that led to his individual style. The sounds of Reverend Gary Davis, Blind Lemon Jefferson, Joe Liggins, and Charles Brown are evident in his foundation, but like most great blues players he’s got originality in his performance that separates him from the clones and wannabes. When Kase steps on stage he’s got a clear head with a focused mission: to bring an original performance worthy of your attention and something you’ll remember and appreciate. Sporting a 1935 National Steel Guitar played bottleneck / slide style and a Guild 6 string on stage he has heavy weight talent backed up by quality equipment that unite to bring a performance of standards you expect to hear at the Bayfront Blues Festival. If the performance you hear engages you like it’s meant to then I suspect you’ll want to bring a piece of the magic home and you’re in luck because there are four options for you in Kase’s albums released on his self produced label. The most recent, titled So Glad I’m Livin, came out earlier this year. Get a sneak peak of Kase on Friday at the Fitger’s Brewhouse and hear his original tunes and his interpretations of the blues favorites from years gone by that would be lost in the dusty stacks of second hand record shops if it weren’t for his effort to bring a new treatment to old originals.


Bayfront Blues Festival Program, Duluth MN- August 2009


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