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Named Best Acoustic Performer 2003

The City Pages MPLS/St.PAUL (click here)




“The finger-picking guitar wiz channels the likes of Robert Lockwood Jr., Leadbelly and Son House on his fourth solo collection, “So Glad I’m Livin’,”full of 12 hotly delivered all-acoustic tracks, including three clever originals.”

- Chris Riemenschneider, Minneapolis Star Tribune- January 23, 2009




“There’s something special about a traditionalist such as Lonesome Dan Kase. Part originator, part historian, this breed provides a direct link to the early days of this music that plays an important but unsung role in today’s popular music. It’s paradoxical that something so seminal is looked at by so many as a museum piece. Kase and his ilk should be protected for keeping music like this an active, vital part of our cultural landscape.”

- John Ziegler, Duluth News Tribune- July 16 2009 (click here to read entire article)




“With a flurry of notes and dexterity on the guitar he broadcasts a confident individual blues style that proudly displays the hours of practice he spends on his craft. With a “country style” blues running thick through his music you’ll be able to hear clearly the influences that led to his individual style. The sounds of Reverend Gary Davis, Blind Lemon Jefferson, Joe Liggins, and Charles Brown are evident in his foundation, but like most great blues players he’s got originality in his performance.”
- Bayfront Blues Festival Program, August 7-9 2009 (click here to read entire article)




“His finger-picking guitar style, Kase said, grew out of the piano and banjo blues traditions, which Kase tries to emulate in his own music. In 18 years of playing, Kase has released four solo CD’s and three other albums with accompaniment, as well as picking up a few accolades, including winning City Page’s 2003 Best Acoustic Performer Award.”

- David Henke, Northfield News- July 14 2009




“His new CD is just his guitar work and his singing. Kase ‘s guitar licks only become more intricate with time. Seeing his fingers move at a gig with such speed and precision, it’s almost frightening. ..”
“This disc shows Kase maturing, digging into new material and singing both sweet and light, and down and gritty. Kase doesn’t aim to please his audience but to push them to appreciate music that’s lost in the dusty stacks of second-had record stores in Detroit. Take a listen. One mad playing a guitar and singing make a lot of music.”

- Joel Grostephan, Freelance Journalist (click here to read entire article)




“The music he plays hasn’t been heard (at least by most) in 70 years. It is captivating music, full of raw and throaty vocals, and intense finger -picking guitar work. It’s foot-sompin’...music of a bygone era: nostalgic music that takes you back even if you’ve never been there before.”

- James Stambaugh, The Northern Light (click here to read entire article)